Dylan Obsessed

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Born in 1941, no one can deny the big legend, named Bob Dylan and I think that the amount of my love for him has become pretty clear. You've seen me wearing a T-shirt dedicated to him in another post, as well, but this time the result is more than perfect.
The past days I've been feeling a bit band-obsessed; I've been searching for The Beatles & Nirvana tees to buy. Unfortunately, my shopping mission was turned into a disaster, since I can't even find a decent piece to purchase.
My beloved Dylan tee suits in every occasion, but, personally, I think it looks interesting for a casual outfit. Plus, it makes a lovely combination with my renewed DIY ripped black jeans.



Stairway To Heaven

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Winter came quite unexpectedly this year, spreading cold & clouds everywhere, but personally I feel more than happy to bury my tank tops deep into my closet & replace them with cozy, soft sweaters. Besides, what is winter without sweaters, ankle boots & a cup of vanilla caramel tea?
Mixing a ladylike, yet sexy, element with a casual one creates an interesting result, A.K.A the notorious "lingerie dress plus fluffy sweater" combination.  Honestly, I have worn this dress in every possible way  & still consider it as my favourite piece. Isn't it amazing how a single piece can be styled in many different ways giving brand new outfits?


"Fashion Moods" The Show

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I'm here again ready to show you photos from my latest experience at the "Fashion Moods" Fashion Show. As I mentioned in my latest post, Fashion Moods took place at the biggest mall of our city, Mediteranean Cosmos.

The event was fascinating and the clothes more than fabulous. Although I'm a kind of black-colour-lover, I fell for some dark red shirts and pants. Apparently the stylist, Aris Georgiadis, did a very good job concerning the outfits, since he persuaded even me that apart from black & dark blue, there exist other beautiful colours as well.

Hopefully, I had the chance to see and meet the models before the show, something I really enjoyed. They were all beautiful, charming and full of energy and their hair was absolutely amazing -credits to a girl that looked like Cara Delevigne-
Here are some photos of my favourite outfits.


"Fashion Moods" Fashion Show

Hey hey!

I know that it's been a long time since my last post, but I had some really busy months. Nevertheless, from now on I'm willing to make it up to you by posting more recently -yaaaay!!-

Tomorrow is a special day for all the fashion (and the non-fashion) girls in Thessaloniki. A great fashion show, named "Fashion Moods", is taking place at Mediterranean Cosmos, the biggest mall of the city. The aim of this event is to promote the latest trends of A/W 2014-2015 and give us some super interesting tips concerning the fashion, hair and make-up trends of this season. The famous stylist, Aris Georgiadis, will be in charge of the presentation of the fashion trends.



Hey there!

"Blackbird fly, blackbird fly" quoth the Beatles, once upon a time. What if it's now Summer? Can't black be worn? Of course it can, if you ask me, & it's a super stylish choice, indeed! Black is elegant, black is mysterious, black is... the colour of a blackbird!
The perfect way to wear black during summer is in combination with shorts. Denim shorts look amazing with a loose black shirt & a pair of flat shoes. After all, summer is all about airy clothes; shirts, shorts & many many dresses.
Personally, I said my "welcome" to summer wearing black. I was feeling like a true blackbird jumping around with my super loose black shirt.
What do you think??