Hey there!

"Blackbird fly, blackbird fly" quoth the Beatles, once upon a time. What if it's now Summer? Can't black be worn? Of course it can, if you ask me, & it's a super stylish choice, indeed! Black is elegant, black is mysterious, black is... the colour of a blackbird!
The perfect way to wear black during summer is in combination with shorts. Denim shorts look amazing with a loose black shirt & a pair of flat shoes. After all, summer is all about airy clothes; shirts, shorts & many many dresses.
Personally, I said my "welcome" to summer wearing black. I was feeling like a true blackbird jumping around with my super loose black shirt.
What do you think??


The "Little" Lingerie Dress

Hey hey!

Aaaw lingerie; definitely the hottest trend for 2014! My love for these kind of dresses has become very obvious, as they literally have stolen my heart. Lingerie dresses, worn from day till night, combined with flats or heels, are one of the most stylish pieces. For those who remember, Carrie Bradshaw herself wore a dress like that, in combination with pink Louboutins. Coincidence? I don't think so!
Personally, although it is now summer, I cannot stop wearing mine. This time I matched my favourite little -?- lingerie dress with a pair of white platforms & a denim jacket. Casual & comfortable.
Any thoughts?


Paint It Black

Heeey! :)

I see bright colours & I want to paint them black. That's (almost) what 5 wise men said sometime. Personally, I don't hesitate to wear black during Spring & Summer, as well. Besides, although May is coming to an end, the weather is still cloudy & then sunny & then cloudy & then sunny -again- & then rainy... Ooh enough with the weather forecast.. Black is always the best solution! This time I decided to wear my black shirt in combination with skinny jeans & royal blue sandals. The result was casual, comfortable & more than stylish to me.
What do you think?


Marie Claire Blog Awards

Hey hey!

I believe most of you know the magazine Marie Claire... I also believe that most of you, who are from Greece & are interested in fashion, know about the first Blog Awards by the Greek Marie Claire. For those who do not know, Marie Claire Blog Awards are happening for the first time & are taking place in City Link -Athens- on June 2nd. Their aim is to collect most of the Greek blogs & announce the best Fashion & Beauty ones.


The White Album

Hey hey!

My love for white colour is growing stronger & stronger. A few days ago, it was the first time that I tried a(n) -almost- total white look & fell in love with it! How stylish can white be? Although I was a bit hesitant concerning the result, I must say that I liked it so much that I'm going to invest into more & more white pieces -yay- . If you ask me, the best way to wear white, is to combine it with black. And that's what I did.
Any thoughts? :)